The Bethel House Story

In the North East of Scotland, home to stunning castles and beautiful sandy beaches, one mum of five began experimenting with wax and fragrance oils.

After a brainstorming session with her children about crafts she could do,  candle making came top of the list. She had  always known she was meant to work with her hands but had no idea what to do till then. 

A few months later the idea was pressed on her again at an unforgettable Cherish Conference held in NorthernEngland. Whilst there she also came across candles that were handmade by a local and she bought her first handmade scented candle  which was a Pink pepper and twist of green mandarin.

 That lovely memory remains etched in her mind and she recalls it as if it was just yesterday.  After a year of experimenting with different oils and waxes Bethel House Candle Collection was established.

Fast forward to three years later and the business is flourishing. I am happy to have customers that are in love with all my Bethel house products. Bethel House Candle Co has been featured in our local Trend Magazine and also the Evening Express Society Magazine which has helped grow the business.

 As you decorate your space with Bethel scents get ready to relax, be invigorated, and transported  to another place through scent creating lovely memories that will last forever.



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